Rumbo al Dorado

A trip to the heart of the Amazon.

The ecological attractions of the Peruvian Amazon region seem to be endless in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. Let yourself be taken away by your senses while travelling the route along the basin of Yanayacu Pucate towards El Dorado, and open up to a vast number of pathways that lead towards communities that preserve the rainforest and their customs. They have just what you need to be spiritually and visually delighted: nature, hikes under the tropical sun, fauna conservation, canoe rides and so much more.


Historia del emprendedor

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What to do?

What services are available?

How to get there?

  • By air:from Lima to Iquitos: 1h30m
  • By land:from Iquitos to Nauta: 1h30m (93 km)
  • By water:from Nauta to Yarina: 4h30m (100 km); from Yarina to 20 de Enero - Manco Cápac: 5h (80 km)



Consorcio Ivy Mara Ey (Yarina)