See and learn the customs of this magical island full of color.

Lake Titicaca retains its charms in islands such as Taquile. Here the legends survive in the imaginary of its people and in the colorful fabrics that they proudly sport. Along the island’s geography, there are magical trails scattered about which will take you to Andean terraces and ceremonial places, such as the Quinuapata. Traditional Taquile textile has worldwide recognition, learn about it firsthand, and it will be like learning to weave your dreams with a thousand colors.


Historia del emprendedor

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What to do?

What services are available?

How to get there?

  • By air:from Lima to Juliaca (Puno): 1h30m (1309 km)
  • By land:from Juliaca to Puno: 1h (45 Km)
  • By water:from the Port of Puno to Taquile: 3h (37km)



Empresa comunal Munay Taquile
Asociación de Restaurantes Turismo Rural Vivencial