Delight yourself with beautiful Andean landscapes and learn more about local customs.

In the Andes of the Ancash region, in the buffer zone of the Huascarán National Park you will find the Acopalca venture, an ideal place for hiking to the vast Purhuay lagoon and the majestic María Jiray waterfall, where you will share with the residents their traditions and customs. Its delicious cuisine, together with the friendliness and warmth of its people will make this visit unforgettable.


Historia del emprendedor

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What to do?

What services are available?

How to get there?

  • By land:from Lima to Huaraz: 8h (408 Km)
    from Huaraz to Huari: 4h
    from Huari to Acopalca: 15min



Asociación Integral de Turismo Rural Comunitario de Acopalca